Cinzia Corvo (Nic)

Artist - member since 8 Dec 2005

Location: Foligno (PG) - (PG) IT

E-mail - info.nicarte@gmail.com

Website - www.artmajeur.com/nicarte ; www.premioceleste.it/cinzia.corvo


"Dipingo come gli altri scrivono la propria biografia.
I miei quadri finiti sono le pagine del mio diario."

Figlia del '900, la sua pittura trova espressione in una vera e propria improvvisazione psichica, quindi le sue tele sono intese come un veicolo di conoscenza dell'irrazionale.

..."In questo percorso artistico sull’inesistente che acquista lo spessore dell’esistere, l’artista continua il suo discorso metafisico ,raccogliendo le più diverse esperienze sensoriali ed extrasensoriali,per tradurle in forme mai definite come respiro di mare o vento di terra, mentre il giallo affiora sempre più spesso, quasi a prefigurare l’inizio di una nuova tappa umana e artistica ."...

…e Mademoiselle risorge,
gli alberi in verde,
e la luna illumina l’anima.
Così stanotte
voglio una stella a farmi compagnia,
per inebriarmi della gioia della sua luce.

Nic ( Cinzia Corvo)





cell. 346.2214815


- “Segnalazione Speciale della Giuria Critica” (con attestato di merito)-1°Premio Internazionale Taormina, con la seguente motivazione: “L’Aulico contenuto simbolico figura ben sviluppato grazie ad una declinazione tonale di gradevolissimo effetto” (Prof. Anna Francesca Biondolillo)

I have always been creative; I like to give life to
things and mould them according to my personality,
inventing shapes and applying colours.
Painting was vital for me. At a certain point in my
life I realised that I could no longer communicate
in words - not because I was unable to express
concepts verbally, but because at a time when
communication has become "artificial", difficult
and almost unpleasant, I found it both disappointing
and tiring. Disappointing, because people
hear but do not listen; no-one has the time or the
will to grasp concepts, because in-depth understanding
is a prerogative of the few. Tiring because
words could no longer convey emotions, which are
food for the soul. After difficult, complex and
above all exhausting introspection, at a time when
I was trying to communicate my "feelings" to
those around me, I realised that what for me was
the fruit of toil and suffering went unnoticed by
I then decided that I would no longer speak, but
that I needed a different form of communication,
which would reach people in a more direct, deeper
and meaningful way. If I could express my
emotions in this way, life would be worth living.
I have always said that art saved my life!
Cinzia Corvo (Nic)
I began to paint at a time when I had fallen into
an abyss, so dark and deep that I felt I was
suffocating from lack of oxygen; but gradually I
managed to climb out of that abyss.
I remember my first painting: it seemed to be an
abstract, in which the main colours were those
which I later realised related to my unresolved
problems, and the shapes seemed to outline
masks, disturbing figures which expressed my
torment. I understood that I had painted my
"demons". This was the beginning of my
"resurrection". Following this early and necessary
abstract phase, I soon found what is still my
personal style, a fusion of figurative, surreal and
As a self-taught artist, this path has not been easy,
but my passion and love of art and the need to
expand and brighten this language of the soul
meant that the long hours in the studio did not
weigh on me. These hours were spent without
obtaining any diplomas or attending costly and
often misleading, useless art colleges.
I also needed to exhibit, not because it was
narcissistic, but because I was ready to make
myself understood. What would be the point
creating a language if I didn't use it! My works are
often women with expressionless faces, searching
for a lost identity. The reds, blues, yellows and
oranges identify and give life to my paintings and
canvasses. Today, a few years later, my greatest
satisfaction is the fact that many people stop and
try to interpret and understand my paintings, and
are deeply moved by them.
I have exhibited in major centres, such as
Pietrasanta (Lucca), the birthplace of Botero and
home of painting and sculpture, Venice and other
Creating an artwork for the 2010 Novello wine for
the Di Filippo winery has been yet another
passionate step in my artistic career, and also a
prestigious recognition for me.
The artist was born in Sicily, and spent two
decades living in different parts of Italy and also
the USA, absorbing different cultures and
widening her horizons. She returned to Sicily and
lived in Acireale for 17 years. She later moved and
settled in Umbria, where she now lives and works.


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