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How to Plan a Website - 7 Frequently Asked Questions

The success of your website depends on how much planning you are planning before, with the road map to reach your destination

The success of your website depends on how much planning you are planning before, with the road map to reach your destination. If the map is unclear then you might not be able to reach your destination or it may take a long time to get there.
Commonly ask questions for planning a website
1. What is the purpose of your site?
You can say that you only want to earn money but a little deeper. For example, how would you use money? Buy a house, spend more time with your family, foreign travel etc.? Once you have explained your purpose, you need to select the place you are passionate about. The more emotional you feel about the content of your site content, it will be easier to add and maintain it.
2. What is your place?
Make a list of topics you are interested in. Unless you're getting tired of all the topics, then give them priority. Prefer those people you are most passionate about
3. What are people searching for and how many words?
Use the Free Text Creator Tool or Google Keyword Tool to find a list of the words you use to find your topic on search topics. This list will help you to develop content that connects you to your web site. In many content sites, there is a better chance of performing well in search engines.
The search count of each keyword will help you determine your future website's profitability. Find searches that have a lot of search but there are not many competing websites
4. What kind of website do you want or need?
Will it be a notification or e-commerce website? Information will be included in the information pages but they will not sell anything, whereas an accelerator will sell a product. An e-commerce site will require a merchant account, payment gateway, shopping cart and an SSL certificate, and you will need to count all your product tax and delivery fees.
5. Which software will you use?
If your site has 10-20 pages then you can use the HTML software to create web pages. Google 'free HTT software' if you do not want to buy it. Dreamweaver is a preferred software for professional web designers because you can view it, create a clean code and create a web site while creating it. Can do it.
If your website contains 100 pages pages that require continuous updates so consider using content management systems like Zoomla, WordPress or Drupal.
6. How to choose good web designer?
If you do not do this, then in your local area web designer does not have time to look for your website or a professional does not like. It gives you the freedom to meet you and express your thoughts easily. Before you make your selection, look at the designers' portfolio and read the testimonials of the satisfied customers. Call or email them to check the response times, and how friendly they are and how knowledgeable they are. Ask an introductory offer and reference before making your final decision.
7. Do you have a marketing plan?
Even if you have a well-designed website, it will not be successful without creating a marketing plan to attract viewers. Websites are the best way to market, but some of the best practices include one of these methods before learning about search engine optimization, article marketing, paying per advertising ads, social media marketing, video marketing or their combination of other strategies. Learn If you continue your website continuously and continuously, you will build a continuous stream of sales that will generate sales.


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