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Sliema - Things to Do in Malta

Salemi's city is located in the north-eastern part of the Maltese Islands and is only a few minutes' journey from the Capital City of Malta

Salemi's city is located in the north-eastern part of the Maltese Islands and is only a few minutes' journey from the Capital City of Malta, Valletta. It is one of Malta's most populous cities because it includes all the major elements of business, entertainment, nightlife and tourism. This has become an interesting place for the holidaymakers because it offers the impression of a traditional town, with the appeal of a big city. The interesting thing about Sylaima is that there are large modern buildings of offices, apartments and Boutique hotel malta  against the classic traditional elements of old buildings, forts and churches.

Traditional Salamas

The sealah was once a small fishing village, as most Maltese boats had an important role in the ancient times, and in the history of Malta. During the great siege of 1565, Sylia was known as 'Al Quartin' and was used as a camp for the Turkish army led by the draggate. Dragut finally stands on Sliema where Marsamxett was killed by a bombardment from Fort Fort Elmo on the other side of the harbor. Then Fort Tineg was developed by St. John's Knights in the late 18th century and later it was created by the British later in the years. Currently, the fort (many of the Maltese coast is scattered) as well as a great restoration and development plan for ultra-modern apartments, onions and a new shopping center.

Sailima today

Sylvia is one of the major business centers in Malta, particularly in relation to retail; And today shopping and cafes are a major center for life. They match some of the coolest shopping streets for designer brands like Maxmassara, and Malta's most established shopping malls, such as all the major brands that can think of the names of popular roads like excursories, M & S and Toppop. There are a number of cafés guided by the Furla shops, which are always full of people drinking alcohol or coffee.

Salemi Hotel & Restaurant

For many reasons tourism is another major element here. First of all, Sylaima provides a long coastline that allows for long walks, beaches and easy accessibility. In fact, many buses stop along the coast so that anyone can get into any part of the island and make famous, traditional Maltese yellow buses easy. Beautiful coast is also home to the resort, public areas and various dive sites. Thus, the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea is thus made Salmaa a unique city in the summer and winter months. Salima is also part of a large part of the Malta residence, where one can find two 5 * hotels, one of which is the new Dexter Battical Hotel 'Palace'; Seven '4 hotels', including 'The Victoria Hotel', 12 * hotels, nine 2 * hotels and eight guest houses!

In the evening, any one can choose between 40 Malta restaurants, which will definitely ensure the perfect dining experience all the time. This range for upscale cafés, wine bars and award-winning Mediterranean or Oriental cuisine. During hot months, the table spreads on the street, the dinners enjoy the ocean views and the gentle wind. Ice-cream vendors then appear, in connection with the main streets and the entertainment scattered along the coast and nightlife, there are more than 50 bars throughout the city, and 'St. Julienes' - Neighboring towns - This is well within walking distance. The city is Malta's main entertainment center and includes clubs, bars, cinemas and restaurants.

Whether you are shopping, sunlight fixing, swimming, diving, dining or drinking your coffee or beer in the sun, there is something for everyone in the slam, therefore, when going to Malta, we recommend this Let's include this unique city in this travel city!


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