Ernesto Coelho Silva

Artista - iscritto il 4 gen 2008

Luogo: PT

Email - ernesto.c.silva@gmail.com

Sito web - http://www.ernestosilva.blogspot.com/


Ernesto Silva Coelho is one of Portuguese artists that have emerged in cultural view and in spreading their art across frontiers.

His work follows a independent style collaterally to the spontaneity of his mind, transcendent to the exterior appearances, it is shown in the field of ideas as a starting point for the implementation of a thought, the awakening of thinking, , or in a mental process, be the protagonist of a history.

His principal intention is to adorn the naked walls, makes everything more sublime what the wish and the intelligence of the Man can reach. To give a little of him to each work and finally, be everywhere. According to Ernesto, “in each picture, in each tear of ink, in each fallen drop, there is the fantasy of my thought, the interpretation of my feelings, the secrets of my being. It is in the isolation of the workshop that I find the reconciliation between me and my peace of mind. "

For the painter, the art may not have a beginning or an end, but an intellectual development in each observer, sensitively of provoking different reactions, judgements and sensations.

Ernesto Coelho Silva, have his name spread in the virtual world and it is inserted in several national and international galleries. He writes as Cultural Reporter since 2006 and was also distinguished by an international site as the artist of the month in December 2006. It disposes of several reports on his work and the recognition for painters propagated by the world.

He aims to promote their works in exhibitions, auctions and galleries, and in parallel, it encourages the promotion of his page online, trying to create the bridge between the artist and the public: www.ernestosilva.blogspot.com


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Pietro Archis - 02/02/2010 - 21:11:29
Ho visto i tuoi lavori e li trovo interessanti.
Vorrei proporti la partecipazione a Etichette d'Arte e Poesia.
Se vai sul sito della mia Associazione Arte-Cultura Casa della Pesa di Bolzano, della quale sono il curatore artistico, potrai trovare le modalità di partecipazione.
Il sito è: www.acp-kkw.com

Un saluto e un abbraccio
Elena Bombardelli - 14/11/2008 - 16:54:25
Grazie Ernesto!!
Alberta Frizon - 05/06/2008 - 01:20:13
OIi.. tudo bem? achei um brasileiro online...
pode me ajudar?
Mimi Yoon - 14/04/2008 - 03:04:34
thank you ernesto~
: ) mimi
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