Lise Dahl

Artista - iscritto il 11 dic 2007

Luogo: Groennehoej 21, 2 th, dk-2720, Vanloese - Vanloese - DK

Email - gronnehoj@mail.tele.dk


Lise Dahl,

Born and raised in the city of Skive, Denmark, in the 1960’ies, near to the beach and forest.

Very early Lise starts expressing herself in pictures in form of drawings, which as an interest in her youth evolves to also include the paintings.

The interest for pictures strengthens by taking courses in free-hand drawing, life drawings and painting which to a start leads to landscape paintings in oil and pictures of the old city part of her hometown Skive.

She also made naturalistic watercolour paint-ings and later on more abstract expressions came into existence.

In the end of the 1980’inc, in the city of Århus, Lise took her artistic education at the Akademiet for Kreativt Virke (The Academy for Creative Activity), which was supplemented by art activity at the painter and graphics artist Mr. Ulrik Hoff of Gentofte, Zealand.

The drawings have been left and Lise now express herself in paintings that are expres-sionistic, colourful in an harmonious way, imaginative and figurative although mixed with the abstract.

During the 1990’ies Lise exhibits her art a num-ber of times in galleries, in companies’ art societies and at the big Hospital in Copen-hagen, Hvidovre Hospital.

Moreover Lise has made paintings to Stenders’ art publishing house that has also published her art postcards.

In 1998 Lise took an education as a china paint-er at the Royal Porcelain factory (Royal Copen-hagen) in order to try one's skill on patterns, sharpen the detail, speed and precision.

In the new millennium Lise has continued exhibi-ting her art at different places and had summer exhibition in City Art Gallery in the old city part of Stockholm, Sweden in 2004.

The happy, positive and colourful pictures have since 1992 resulted in a close relation-ship between Lise and the art society of Hvidovre Hospital to whom she now is a kind of “artist of the house”. As such she has exhibited her art there almost on a permanent basis and delivered paintings to on request.

Both this year and last year Lise has decorated a number of different sections of Hvidovre Hos-pital.

Up till now, Lise has had two censored exhibi-tions and a huge number of exhibitions at various company art societies.


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Pietro Archis - 18/01/2010 - 01:12:24
Iniziativa per artisti pittori, poeti e scrittori
Caro Artista sono un membro pittore di equilibriarte e curatore dell'Associazione Arte Cultura Casa della Pesa di Bolzano.
Penso di fati cosa gradita invitandoti a visitare il nostro sito: www.acp-kkw.com
nel quale troverai i dettagli dell'iniziativa "ETICHETTE ARTE E POESIA"
Ho visto e apprezzato le tue opere e gradirei la tua partecipazione.

Un abbraccio
Susy Manzo - 24/03/2008 - 22:07:54
ciao lise,
grazie di cuore ...

Gloria Corradi - 23/03/2008 - 15:55:25
Obrigada Lise,pela preferência,:)
Utente disattivato - 21/03/2008 - 18:25:29
Hello Lise, hello Copenhagen
Thank you for the visit and the selection of the pictures
to your favourites.
I will look at your work more exactly.

I wish you Happy Easter
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