Carson Collins

Artista - iscritto il 18 nov 2005

Luogo: US

Email - carson@theoceanseries.com


The Ocean Series is a Remodernist response to the color-field paintings of Mark Rothko. Intriguing, relaxing, and evocative, these colorful images appeal to serious art lovers, those who meditate, and ocean lovers as well. Originals, prints, a calendar, and affordable signed posters can be purchased on line.

I've been working on The Ocean Series for thirty years. I guess you could say that this conflation of a traditional marine sunset with a color-field painting, something that originally crossed my mind sometime back in 1978, has turned out to be a fairly fertile idea for me. Call it a post-modern approach to the color-field tradition if you like, but I'm not trying to deconstruct anything, fit into any category, or prove any theories. The ocean, with its infinite variety and constant flux, is a motif that never ceases to fascinate me.


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Ferenc Pataki - 16/04/2015 - 12:23:46
Congratulations and greetings!
Michele Principato Trosso - 29/09/2007 - 06:58:07
ciao, carson, le tue opere sono molto interessanti trasmettono al fruitore delle sensazioni particolari, a presto
Ilir Bala - 31/10/2006 - 13:32:29
Like your works.
Claudia Vianello - 18/11/2005 - 12:44:13
Welcome, Carson!
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